Craft Beer

There are more than 200 different UK, Belgian, Scandinavian and American beers in the shop, ranging from mouth-puckering sours to palate-smacking IPAs and even a few craft lagers. There really is something here for any beer lover.

The range of beers and breweries changes regularly, so be sure to follow along on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date. Looking for something specific? Check out the stock list below, but feel free to call ahead and see if it’s still in stock! 01392 661925

Current Stock List as of 12 Feb 18   
BeerCountry of OriginSize
3 Fonteinen Oude GeuzeBelgium750mlbottle
3 Fontenien Cuvee Armand & GastonBelgium375mlbottle
Achel TripelBelgium330mlbottle
Achouffe La ChouffeBelgium330mlbottle
Achouffe N'ice ChouffeBelgium330mlbottle
Alpine Truck TrailUSA355mlcan
Alvinne Cuvee FreddyBelgium330mlbottle
Amundsen Dessert in a Can Marshmallow Hot ChocolateNorway330mlcan
Amundsen Dessert in a Can Pecan Maple PieNorway330mlcan
Amundsen Nordic WildNorway330mlcan
Arbor Devil Made Me Brew ItUK568mlbottle
Arbor Piccolina Table BeerUK568mlbottle
Arbor Rocketman IPAUK568mlbottle
Arbor Simcoe Single Hop Pale AleUK568mlbottle
Arbor SMAC My Brew UPUK568mlbottle
Arbor What’s The Plan Dan?UK568mlbottle
Atom ZymologyUK330mlcan
Beavertown Gamma RayUK330mlcan
Beavertown LupuloidUK330mlcan
Beavertown Neck OilUK330mlcan
Beavertown Smog RocketUK330mlcan
Black Market Peach GoseUSA355mlcan
Black Market The Enemy WithinUSA355mlcan
Boon GeuzeBelgium375mlbottle
Boon Geuze Black Label v3Belgium750mlbottle
Bosteels Tripel KarmelietBelgium330mlbottle
Brasserie De La Senne BruxellensisBelgium330mlbottle
Brew by Numbers 11|03 Session IPA MosaicUK330mlbottle
Brew by Numbers 21|03 Pale Ale Citra Amarillo MosaicUK330mlbottle
Brew by Numbers 55|06 DIPA Galaxy MosaicUK330mlbottle
Bristol Southville HopUK500mlbottle
Bristol Beer Factory Milk StoutUK500mlbottle
Burning Sky Saison L'EteUK330mlbottle
Burnt Mill Green Path IPAUK440mlcan
Buxton & Omnipollo Rocky RoadUK330mlbottle
Buxton Axe EdgeUK330mlbottle
Buxton Battle HorseUK330mlbottle
Buxton HighlandUK330mlbottle
Buxton Red WolfUK330mlbottle
Buxton SubluminalUK330mlbottle
Buxton Subluminal with CoffeeUK330mlbottle
Buxton Superluminal with RaspberryUK330mlbottle
Buxton Yellow BellyUK330mlbottle
Chimay BlueBelgium330mlbottle
Chimay RedBelgium330mlbottle
Cloudwater DDH Pale EkuanotUK440mlcan
Cloudwater DIPA Ekuanot MosaicUK440mlcan
Cloudwater Pilsner Motueka MandarinaUK440mlcan
Cloudwater PompettesUK440mlcan
Cloudwater Spirit Animal Loquat ElderflowerUK750mlbottle
Crooked Stave Colorado Wild SageUSA375mlbottle
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Blueberry BAUSA375mlbottle
Crooked Stave Petite Sour Rose BAUSA375mlbottle
Crooked Stave St. BrettaUSA375mlbottle
Crooked Stave Surette BAUSA375mlbottle
Crooked Stave Vieille ArtisanalUSA375mlbottle
Crossed Anchors American Pale AleUK500mlbottle
Crossed Anchors Three CsUK500mlbottle
De Dochter van de Korenaar Sans PardonBelgium330mlbottle
De Dolle OerbierBelgium330mlbottle
De Dolle Oerbier ReservaBelgium330mlbottle
De Molen Mooi & MeedogenloosNetherlands330mlbottle
De Molen Tsarina EsraNetherlands330mlbottle
De Ranke Hop HarvestBelgium750mlbottle
De Ranke Vielle ProvisionBelgium750mlbottle
De Ranke XXX BitterBelgium750mlbottle
De Struise Tjeeses ReservaBelgium330mlbottle
Dugges Mango Mango MangoSweden330mlbottle
Evil Twin Even More JesusUSA454mlcan
Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake BreakUSA660mlbottle
Exeter 'FraidNotUK500mlbottle
Exeter AvocetUK500mlbottle
Exeter DarknessUK500mlbottle
Exeter Falls OverUK500mlbottle
Founders Backwoods Bastard BAUSA355mlbottle
Founders Dirty BastardUSA355mlcan
Founders Green ZebraUSA355mlcan
Garage Beer SoupSpain440mlcan
Garage No CountrySpain750mlbottle
Garage Silver PeelSpain440mlcan
Garage MontessoriSpain440mlcan
Gipsy Hill BarnstormerUK330mlcan
Green Flash Passion Fruit KickerUSA355mlcan
Hanlons Port StoutUK500mlbottle
Hanlons StormstayUK500mlbottle
Hanlons Yellow HammerUK500mlbottle
Kernel London Sour DamsonUK750mlbottle
Kernel Pale Ale EnigmaUK500mlbottle
Kernel Table BeerUK500mlbottle
La Rulles/Tilquin RullquinBelgium750mlbottle
Lervig Christmas ShakeBelgium330mlbottle
Lervig I Have Pils, Now What?Norway500mlcan
Lervig Konrad's StoutUK330mlbottle
Lervig West Coast DankNorway330mlcan
Lindemans FramboiseBelgium375mlbottle
Lindemans GeuzeBelgium375mlbottle
Lindheim Coolship PlumSweden375mlbottle
Lost & Grounded Cool BananasUK330mlbottle
Lost & Grounded Running with SpectresUK330mlbottle
Lost Abbey Judgment DayUSA750mlbottle
Magic Rock Bearded Lady Dessert EditionUK330mlcan
Magic Rock Dancing BearUK440mlcan
Magic Rock Small VoiceUK440mlcan
Mikkeller Christmas Wish GLUTEN FREEDenmark330mlbottle
Mikkeller Hallo, Ich Bin Berliner Weisse PineappleDenmark500mlcan
Mikkeller KaffestoutDenmark330mlbottle
Mikkeller Spontandryhop CitraDenmark330mlbottle
Modern Times Black HouseUSA473mlcan
Modern Times Blazing WorldUSA473mlcan
Modern Times Critical BandUSA453mlcan
Modern Times Lomaland CansUSA473mlcan
Moonchild Ad AstraUK330mlbottle
Moonchild Couleur CafeUK750mlbottle
Moonchild Gypsy QueenUK330mlbottle
Moonchild Harvest HomeUK330mlbottle
Moonchild Infinite DreamsUK330mlbottle
Moor Beer Forgotten GloryUK330mlcan
New Lion Mane EventUK500mlbottle
New Lion PanditUK500mlbottle
New Lion Totnes StoutUK500mlbottle
Northern Monk 2017 Trilogy MaltUK440mlcan
Northern Monk 2017 Trilogy YeastUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Campfire Strannik Marshmallow PorterUK330mlcan
Northern Monk DeathUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Patrons 8.01 VagueUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Patrons Project 5.03 IngleboroughUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Patrons Project 9.02 West Yorks DIPAUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Patrons Project 9.03 Don't Look Baterang in AngerUK440mlcan
Northern Monk Travel NotesUK440mlcan
Northern Whisper ChinwagUK330mlcan
Oedipus MannenliefdeUK330mlbottle
Omnipollo ArzachelSweden330mlbottle
Omnipollo BrushSweden330mlbottle
Omnipollo NoaSweden330mlbottle
Omnipollo SelassieSweden330mlbottle
Oud Beersel Oude Geuze VieilleBelgium375mlbottle
Oud Beersel Oude Kriek VieilleBelgium375mlbottle
Paulaner OktoberfestGermany500mlbottle
Powderkeg Cut LooseUK330mlbottle
Powderkeg Sixes & SevensUK330mlbottle
Powderkeg Speak EasyUK330mlbottle
Prairie Birthday BOMB!USA330mlbottle
Red Rock EPAUK330mlbottle
Reuben's Brews Fresh Hop Crikey IPAUSA473mlcan
Trappistes Rochefort 10Belgium330mlbottle
Trappistes Rochefort 8Belgium330mlbottle
Rodenbach Grand CruBelgium330mlbottle
Runaway Winter Saison RedcurrantUK330mlbottle
Samuel Smith's Imperial StoutUK355mlbottle
Samuel Smith's StingoUK550mlbottle
Schlenkerla Rauchbier MarzenGermany500mlbottle
Shindigger Iced CoffeeUK440mlcan
Siphon CassandraBelgium330mlbottle
Siren Odyssey 005UK375mlbottle
St Bernardus ChristmasBelgium330mlbottle
St Bernardus Abt 12Belgium330mlbottle
St Bernardus WitBelgium330mlbottle
Stillwater A Saison DarklyUSA355mlbottle
Stillwater ShoegazeUSA473mlcan
Tempest MexicakeUK330mlbottle
Thornbridge Days of CreationUK375mlbottle
Thornbridge Love Among the RuinsUK375mlbottle
Tiny Rebel Sugar RushUK330mlcan
To Øl By Udder MeansDenmark330mlbottle
To Øl CampaleDenmark330mlbottle
To Øl Jule Maelk CognacDenmark375mlbottle
To Øl Jule Maelk RhumDenmark375mlbottle
To Øl LemonGrass GoseDenmark500mlcan
To Øl Mr OrangeDenmark330mlbottle
To Øl NutcrackerDenmark375mlbottle
To Øl Santa Gose F**k It AllDenmark500mlcan
To Øl SantastiqueDenmark500mlcan
To Øl SnowballDenmark330mlbottle
To Øl Sur Germs Are Coming PomegranateDenmark375mlbottle
To Øl Sur MotuekaDenmark500mlcan
To Øl Sweet Chai of MineDenmark330mlbottle
Verdant BloomUK440mlcan
Verdant HeadbandUK440mlcan
Verdant HuddleUK440mlcan
Verdant Pulp DIPAUK440mlcan
Verdant Track & FieldUK330mlcan
Verhaeghe Duchesse de BourgogneBelgium330mlbottle
Verzet Oud BruinBelgium330mlbottle
Westmalle DubbelBelgium330mlbottle
Westmalle TripelBelgium330mlbottle
Wild Beer ChronosUK330mlbottle
Wild Beer JamboUK750mlbottle
Wild Beer MillionaireUK330mlbottle
Wild Beer Modus OperandiUK330mlbottle
Wild Beer NebulaUK330mlcan
Wild Beer POGOUK330mlcan
Wild Beer Rooting Around WinterUK330mlbottle
Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons ExportUK330mlbottle
Wild Beer The Blend - Summer 2017UK750mlbottle
Wild Beer WineybeestUK750mlbottle
Wiper & True Milk ShakeUK500mlbottle
Wiper and True Autobahn IPAUK330mlbottle
Wiper and True MimosaUK330mlbottle
Wylam Room 237UK440mlcan
Wylam WxY3UK440mlcan


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