HopsHops and Crafts is dedicated to bringing the good people of Exeter the best selection of craft beer possible. The shop offers a selection of over 200 different beers that evolves and changes regularly. But even though the beer on the shelves may change, you can always count on finding something you’ll love. You can find a link to the list of the beers currently available here.


Depending on what you’re after, we can order in full cases of beer by request with enough advanced notice. If it’s just one or two bottles you’re after, please bear in mind that most beer comes in cases of 24 and while it may be something that you dearly love, not everyone may feel the same way about it!

Craft vs. ‘Real Ale’

Rather than getting caught up in the war over ‘real ale’ versus craft beer, we’re just looking for good beers that we love ourselves and that we can share with our customers. And yes, this does include some traditional ales. While it may be hard to pinpoint what exactly defines a craft beer, all you need to know is in our tagline – Good beer lives here.


DSCN4044Who’s behind this?

That would be me, Chris Harper. I love beer. I mean I really LOVE beer and since moving to Exeter from the beer heaven of Fort Collins, Colorado four years ago, I have been longing for a better selection of beer in Exeter. The more people I’ve talked to about beer, the more I’ve heard that I’m not the only one. So as much as I love taking cycling trips through Belgium and loading my panniers down with beer, I figured a shop might be a more sustainable approach. And so Hops and Crafts was born.