Saves – The way it works

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Many of you may follow the shop on Facebook and Twitter, so you’ve probably seen someone ask me to save them a beer from time to time. Generally speaking, this isn’t a big deal and I’m happy to do it. But every so often a new beer is delivered (or anticipated) and my inbox is flooded with messages from beer hunters wanting a save. While I’m glad to see so many people excited about any beer, this raises a concern. What about the people who are diehard regulars, but don’t use social media? Are the people who actually set foot in the shop on a weekly basis losing out as beers they may want to try never even make it to the shelf because the Facebook/Twitter crowd snapped them all up? It hasn’t happened much, but with the impending arrival of Verdant’s newest releases and the stir they’re causing, I’ve decided to implement a new tactic for saves. I’ve not decided if this will be a blanket policy or enacted on a case by case basis, but here’s how it’s going to work:

Only one bottle/can of any given beer can be saved for any one person. You can buy more when you come in (unless there are limits), but I’m only saving one.
A maximum of half the case will be designated for saves, the rest will be first come, first served.
Saves must be claimed within two weeks or they go back on the shelf. Not all beers are meant to be aged, and space is limited in here!
No preorders! In other words, no requests until the beer is in the shop.
• Save requests should come through email to

I’m sure someone will find this to be appalling and feel like they’ve been wronged, but this is a brick and mortar retail shop and part of what I like about it is interacting with you, the customers, in person. Saves are great when you can’t make it down midweek to grab something, I totally understand that. But ultimately, when the balance of opportunity shifts to those who are the first to update their Twitter feeds, I feel like I’m doing a disservice to those people who make the effort to come in and visit the shop, regardless of their prowess on social media.

We’ll see how this plays out and I’ll make adjustments where needed, but for now, this is the way it works.