New Year, New Shop, New Beer

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New Year, New Shop, New Beer!

A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything on here. 2016 disappeared, the shop has moved and of course there has been a load of new beer delivered! 

For those who haven't been down here in a while, the shop has moved from the interior of the arcade up to the street front unit opposite OMG Comics. It seems like it'd be hard to miss, but many people (you know who you are!) have walked right past while heading for the old location. So far the new location is great. It's about a third bigger than the old shop, so it doesn't feel quite so cramped when you get more than three people in here. It's also got a window, which is great for me personally, and I've purposefully situated the beer away from all those hop-killing UV rays. 



Just last week I had four deliveries that amounted to more than 60 cases, of which around 30 were making their debut in the shop! Here's a list of the newest arrivals (photos below):
Alpine Pure Hoppiness
Bad Co Dazed and Confused
Bad Co Elf Juice
Bad Co Six-Pack
Bad Co Whiter Shade of Pale
Beavertown Heavy Water
Buxton/To Øl Sky Mountain
Buxton/Stillwater Artisinal Subluminal
Buxton/Stillwater Artisinal Superluminal
Cloudwater DIPA v11
Cloudwater Elderflower Spring Ale
Cloudwater Fazenda Ouro Verde Porter
Cloudwater Pale Ale
Cloudwater Session IPA Wai-ti Kazbek
Ilkley Alpha Beta
Ilkley Lotus
Kernel Dry Stout
Kernel IPA Mosaic Vic Secret
Kernel London Sour Raspberry
Kernel Pale Ale Citra El Dorado
Kernel Pale Ale Ella Ekuanot
La Rulles Blonde
La Rulles Rullquin
Left Hand Fade To Black
Left Hand Milk Stout
Magic Rock Clairvoyance
Northern Monk Patrons Project 4.01 Passion Fruit Lassi
Northern Monk Southern Star
Pressure Drop Domino Topple
Sacre Brew Blood-Lust of Ocipio
Sacre Brew Buffalo Beer 2016
Sacre Brew Dracunculus
Sacre Brew Love For 2 Oranges Hailstone Series
Sacre Brew Sloe Loris
Wild Beer Breakfast of Champignons
Wiper & True Amber Red Orange
Wiper & True Pale Ale Reverie