New beer to start November

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I hope y’all will forgive me for not posting anything recently. It’s certainly not because there hasn’t been any new beer! In fact, some new things have already come and gone just in the past couple of weeks! But let’s not dwell on what you missed and focus instead on what is still here.

verdantOf course I have to start with the new beers from VerdantBloom and Lightbulb. In case you missed it, and that seems unlikely given how many people turned out, Verdant was in the shop on the 29th pouring samples and the feedback was incredibly positive for this up and coming Cornish brewery. Lightbulb is an extra pale ale that’s light color betrays the fact that it’s absolutely packed with citrus flavor. It’s also brewed with oats, which gives it a better body than you might expect in a 4.5% pale. Bloom is a big, juicy IPA rammed with hops that tastes oh so fresh. And that’s because it is – having just been canned two days before arriving in the shop!

nmNorthern Monk has been one of the busiest breweries of late and the latest round of beer from them is nothing short of delicious. Their double IPA, Double Heathen, is the juicy big brother of their popular Heathen IPA. It’s tropical upfront, but with enough of a bitter bite to round it out nicely. Also in are the first two beers in their new Trinity series – HOPS brewed with Epic Brewing in NZ and MALT brewed with Dutch brewer De Molen. HOPS is an imperial strength IPA at 9%, but it drinks much easier than that. It’s surprisingly light and crisp with a big citrusy bitterness as the focal point. MALT counters with a heavy 9% imperial porter that’s lusciously sweet and malty with just a touch of roasty bitterness. It’s the kind of beer to sip by a fire on a cold night.

sirenSiren has also been pumping out a number of beers lately and I was able to snag two of their newest offerings the same week they were released. V.I.P.A. was brewed especially for IndyMan and seeks to replicate the flavors of Vimto in a beer. I’m no fan of the soft drink myself, so I’ll let you be the judge of their accuracy. Ten Dollar Shake is a collaboration brewed with Brewdog Shepherd’s Bush. They’re calling it a fruit smoothie IPA and it certainly is fruity with its additions of mango, papaya and passionfruit. It also has lactose in it, which gives the beer a heavier mouthfeel and residual sweetness.

jjjIn from Moor comes the mythical JJJ, their take on a double IPA. People have been asking me about this beer since the first week I opened and after a drought of several years, it’s finally returned. This time it’s in cans and clocking in at 9% abv. It’s hoppy for sure, but it’s balanced off with a big malt presence. Of all the DIPA’s in the shop right now, this is probably the most traditional in its balance and that is not a knock on it at all. In a market that seems to favor the fruitiest, juiciest, least bitter iterations of the style, Moor nails the style with the same quality craftsmanship that you taste in all of their beers. So while it may not be the most trendy DIPA available, it’s certainly one of the better ones out there.

cloudwaterFrom Cloudwater comes their Brett spiked Berliner weisse, Cosweisse and their Nelson Sauvin IPA. I haven’t tried the Cosweisse, yet, but the IPA is very good. The Nelson Sauvin hops display their white wine characteristics, giving the beer an earthy, white grape flavor. It would be a great replacement for white wine with a meal.

omnipolloshockThe wizards behind Omnipollo teamed up with fellow Swedes to bring us Anagram this week. It’s a blueberry cheesecake imperial stout. Yes, you read that correctly. Big, sweet, thick and fruity, it’s a dessert in a glass. I also added Onda, their wonderful Mosaic pale and Polimango, a mango DIPA brewed in collaboration with Brazilian brewery Tupiniquim.

Also this week from the colder parts of the world is a triple IPA from To Øl. The newest in their SHOCK series, this one features Simcoe and Mosaic hops. If you like boozy, hoppy beer, you’ll love this one.