Manchester and ‘The North’

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First off, let me start with a disclosure: I’m terrible with UK geography, so I tend to say anything that’s not from Devon or Cornwall is from the north. I apologize now if this leads to confusion. I also use Z’s instead of S’s in certain words and haven’t quite adapted to adding U’s in other words. There, disclosures done. Now, onto the beer!



Everyone’s favorite up and coming brewery that you either love or hate brings us the newest iteration in their Spring/Summer IPA lineup. This time it’s hopped with Vic Secret from Australia and comes bearing lots of passion fruit and other tropical overtones. I tried this one up at the Bristol Craft Beer Fest and figured I’d share it with y’all after talking to others there who thoroughly enjoyed it. So here you go!

Alphabet Brewing Co.

AlphabetSpeaking of my terrible geography – I almost lumped ABC in with the London beers in yesterday’s post. Whoops. They’ve been around for a while, but their canning operation is relatively new and they are certainly new to the shop. A to the K is an oatmeal pale ale with a crisp, sharp bitter bite. The oats don’t seem to add much to the body in terms of giving it a heavier mouthfeel and they certainly don’t give it the level of haze in Omnipollo’s Mazarin discussed earlier. Flat White is their take on a white stout. If you’ve not tried a beer like this before, this one’s worth trying if for no other reason than to make your brain work overtime to rectify the classic aroma, taste and body of a stout with a beer that appears to be a pale or amber ale. It’s weird, but somehow it works.


Northern MonkNorthern Monk

The first volume of their Patrons Project Coffee Porter was ridiculously good and they’ve not taken a step backwards with version 1.02. This one is rich, smooth and full of a robust coffee that comes through strong on the taste, but without the acrid bitterness some coffee beers can present. No, this one is top notch and if you’re a true coffee and/or beer geek, it’s probably worth doing a side by side tasting of v1.01 and 1.02. Like the first can, this one also features a peel back label that explains more about the project and the artwork.


BuxtonTrolltunga ran out, so I replaced it with two sours from Buxton – Red Raspberry Rye and Berlinoise. Red Raspberry Rye has been around for several months, but this it’s first appearance in the shop. It’s a Berliner Weisse with a Buxton twist – the addition of rye. It’s fruity with a tart sourness that’ll either clean your palate or destroy it, depending on your tolerance for sour beers. Their Berlinoise is another atypical beer. It’s a Berliner Weisse again, but this time using a Belgian yeast. It’s part of their Belgian series and for good reason as it drinks a lot like a Flemish Red with an acidic sourness that you’ll either love or hate. If you’re a fan of Rodenbach or Duchesse de Bourgogne, this one’s worth a try.

Magic RockMagic Rock

There’s no need to make a big deal about this one except that the last time it was available it sold out pretty quick and was limited to one per person. Now, Inhaler is back in year round packaging and the limits are off. So if you missed out the first time or just need more of this juicy, but surprisingly bitter IPA in your life, then come on down.


Burning Sky

Burning SkyOkay, okay, Sussex is not the north, I get that. BUT the brewery is located at a latitude of 50.844762 N and Exeter is at 50.7244773, so there, it’s north of here! And there wasn’t really anywhere else to put this one… Saison a la Provision is making it’s H+C debut and if you like saisons or sours, then you should try this one. If you like both, you should stop reading and come buy it right now. It’s brewed as a traditional farmhouse style with saison yeast in the primary fermentation, but is then dosed with Lactobacillus & Brettanomyces for a secondary fermentation that produces a tart, dry and refreshing finished product. It’s not really sour, but it has a hint of sourness to it, much like you might expect from a slightly older bottle of Orval or other brett-spiked beer.