New Beer for week of 19 September

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Not all deliveries are created equal. Last week’s was pretty exciting for both the sheer volume of new beers that arrived (39!) and the individual beers that made up that volume. In order to get through them all without writing a Tolkien-length synopsis, I’ll just introduce you to a few each day. Let’s start with the big guns, shall we?


Beavertown BeerBeavertown’s newest core beer, Lupuloid, was one of the most anticipated beers on the pallet and Bloody Notorious (big brother to the endlessly quaffable Bloody ‘Ell) wasn’t far behind. Lupuloid is an IPA of the juicy variety with aromas and flavours of ripe tropical fruits. Bloody Notorious is another breed of juice monster clocking in at 9.1% abv and drinking more like something in the 5-6% range. It’s good…it’s really, really good.

Deimos, Phobos and Sour Power also came in from their barrel-aged series dubbed the Tempus Project. Deimos and Phobos are collaborations with Oskar Blues in the States, while Sour Power is a three-way collab with Arizona Wilderness and Mikkeller. They’re a bit on the pricey side, but if you buy all three you’ll save some money and get a free Beavertown pint glass!

Omnipollo & Dugges

DuggesOmnipolloBoth of these breweries from the land of Ikea are making their debuts in the shop and they’re doing so with quite a splash. Omnipollo has been on my radar since I opened the shop, but they’re not the easiest (or cheapest) beer to get ahold of. But technical and financial reasons aside, the beer speaks for itself and is deserving of their reputation for boundary-pushing and delicious beer. So you’ll now find Mazarin, Zodiak, Nebuchadnezzar and the in-famous Noa on the shelves in the newly formed Swedish section.

Dugges is a relative new brewery to me. Having heard of them and seen their products listed, I was excited to get the chance to try their offerings at the Bristol Craft Beer Festival earlier this month. And in spite of my jet-lagged state, they were still very impressive and I thought it was as good a time as any to bring a few in. High Five, Orange Haze and Tropic Sunrise are now in stock and having just been delivered to the UK, pretty darn fresh to boot.



MarbleSomewhere in Manchester there’s an arch that houses the Marble Brewery. And it’s from that arch that these new arrivals come – some fresh out of the fermenter and some fresh out of some wine barrels. The Manchester Bitter doesn’t need much explanation, but the rest of the newbies are a bit more complicated.  Portent of Usher is an imperial stout that will serve as the base for some barrel aged versions in the future, but is just a straight up bottle of black goodness for now. Oh, and it apparently won gold at the International Beer Challenge 2016, so how’s that for street cred? Taking silver at the aforementioned Beer Challenge was their old ale aged in Oloroso sherry barrels, Verezzi. And to round things out, Valancourt is that same old ale, but aged in Fino sherry barrels this time. In other words, the beers inside the bottles are every bit as decadent and indulgent as their classy hanging labels.

Next time – The rest of the new London contingent