New beer from Devon & Cornwall

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Last week brought with it some cooler weather and a delivery of some regional (if not local) treats from Moonchild Brewing and Firebrand Brewing.

Moonchild dropped off every last drop of their new one-off beer, Couleur Cafe, a coffee stout. This replaces their previous stout, Threatening Skies, which was a big hit. It’s exclusive to the shop, so you won’t find it anywhere else and with only 27 bottles delivered, you can bet it won’t be around for long. Especially if the aforementioned cooler weather comes back.

And speaking of temperatures, Firebrand brought one to warm you up – Chocolate Chipotle Stout. It may not be spicy enough for the chili-heads amongst you, but the addition of chipotle and chocolate create a rich, almost savoury beer that pours as black as night.

They also dropped off a case of their off-the-wall beer with a name as out there as the ingredients list – The Dead Elvis. It’s billed
as a wheat beer that aims to take on the flavors of the late singers famed banana, peanut butter and bacon sandwich. Of those ingredients, peanut butter is the only one actually added to the brew. Smoked malts are added for the bacon essence and a Belgian yeast strain gives notes of banana. It’s an ambitious beer named for an ambitious artist.

Loads of new stuff is due in later this week, so be sure to check back!

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